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We may open again from June 1.

Of course, you will have to make a reservation first.

Reservations can be made in blocks of 2 hours, starting at 3:00 PM. This is possible for groups of up to 20 people. You then have the entire cafe to yourself for 2 hours.

Between the 2 hour blocks, 15 minutes are left free to clean, so that the next group can enjoy 2 hours of Private Karaoke in a clean environment.


The End Karaoke is a bar with a large karaoke stage for a unique evening that you will not soon forget. We have a wide selection of songs, from classics to hip pop songs and from sugary sing-along to heavy rock ‘n roll. Sing like a rock star during the karaoke. Come and visit us for an unforgettable evening.

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With karaoke you can start or end a night out. But also a whole evening of karaoke is a lot of fun.

Are you with a large group and do you want to be sure of a spot?
Then book in advance.

The End Karaoke is open during the opening hours for 18 years and older.

As a minor you can of course also enjoy our karaoke. You are welcome during the Private Karaoke before opening times.

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