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Table reservervation

Do you want to reserve a table?

At The End we have a few tables that you can reserve during opening hours.

These tables are not completely private, but the places are kept free for you. You can reserve a table from 4 people.
When reserving a table there is also the option to order drink tokens at a discount.
For karaoke in Groningen with a group this is a nice option because you are guaranteed your spot in our karaoke bar.

Do note that you have to be inside within the first half hour after openingtime

The price of reserving a table

Booking a table costs € 14,40 per person which includes four drink tokens per person.

Are you with more people or do you want more privacy during karaoke? View our private karaoke option.

You can also order more discounted drink tokens at the time of booking. The reservation is the only time that the drink tokens can be ordered.
Drink tokens are cheaper than the standard prices at the bar. All drinks can be ordered with drink tokens.
How many drink tokens are needed for a drink depends on the drink itself. You can order beer, wine and soft drinks with one drink token.